All About Aligning The Purpose of Self and Organisation

In order to successfully align the purposes of both oneself and his or her organisation appropriately, perhaps the first thing to be done is to understand what purpose is about after all. 

According to the definition provided by, purpose refers to “a person’s sense of resolve or determination”.

Purpose functions as a form of motivation that pushes individuals to reach their goals in life. Knowing your passion shows you why certain things matter to you more than others. 

When applied to the context of a business setting, it is pertinent that both personal and organisational purposes are aligned for maximum efficiency to take stage.

As such, in this article, we will be sharing more information on why identifying purpose is important and how one can align his personal and organisational purposes together. 

Why Is Identifying Purpose Important?

One of the main reasons why people find themselves unhappy in life is due to the fact that they have not found their true purpose. 

There are many individuals out there who feel desolate in spite of all their achievements, recognition, affluence and possessions combined. This is why it is so essential to reframe our perspectives so that we can find our bigger purpose in life sooner than later. 

Creating a distinction between one’s personal purpose and that of his/her organisation will allow individuals to see things on a larger scale of matters. It will also help them to better understand how one can align both their purposes to reach their goals in life, a little easier. 

Why Is Aligning Purpose of Self And Organisation Important?

Every working individual who is part of a company needs to put in ample effort to achieve their organisation’s goals. The work they contribute should also be towards achieving the organisation’s overall strategy. 

After all, something (other than a pay check) must have attracted them to join the firm.

Identifying, internalising and aligning personal as well as organisational goals can get everyone within the workplace to be on the same page and steer the company in the right direction of growth. 

As such, the proper alignment of both personal and organisational goals can also assist individuals to better “create a familial atmosphere where everyone works together” and understands their diverse roles within the company. 

How Can One Align His/Her Personal And Organisational Purpose?

All things considered, how then can an individual align his/her personal and organisational purpose? 

1. Establish Organisational Goals Clearly

According to an article published on, every organisation needs a list of clearly articulated company goals so individuals know what and how they can contribute with their own personal goals. 

“At the individual level, any goal you set at work should ladder up to one of the company’s stated higher-level goals”. 

This establishment of goals from organisation to individual, as well as the other way around, ensures that both parties are better aware and able to align both their individual and organisational purposes. 

2. Create Strong Inter-Team Connections

As an article published on says, it is easy for an employee to feel lost and become disengaged when they don’t understand where they fall within the organisational hierarchy. 

However, when specific goals are established to be achieved by a team, it connects an individual to other members of the company. Subsequently, everyone can better understand how their work is contributing to the organisation’s main goals. 

As a result, stronger bonds can be formed between employees. The shared goals by employees on both an individual scale and that of one’s organisation will allow for better alignment of purposes too. 

3. Hire Organisationally-Culture Right People

With that being said, aligning the purpose of self and organisation is a process that begins at an early stage of employment too. It starts when an individual is just about to take on a new position within a new workplace. 

Therefore, it is the perfect time to note if their potential new hire is willing, able to internalise and identify with the company vision and strategy.  It is also pertinent that employers identify individuals who carry the quality of teamwork within them if group projects are a part of the vacant role’s expected job scope and qualities. 

This will ensure that the company can thrive when every person possesses an organisational sense of direction and strategy. 

As such, employers should look out for individuals who, on top of a good fit of skills, also fits the culture of the organisation, and not just those who check the boxes for the specific job position. 


In conclusion, the proper alignment of purpose of self and organisation is especially important in today’s modern working world. 

When an individual’s work is aligned with his or her company’s strategy, they will always find opportunities to develop and accomplish their personal goals. 

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy or passion”. – Terry Orlick

Delving into the above quote, Orlick’s words highlight the importance of recognising one’s purpose in life. It can serve as a huge source of motivation that connects both employees and employers to work cohesively in a conducive working environment. 


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