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Talking isn't simply about communicating, it's about connecting. Our SoundWave programmes are designed to build up your team's intentionality and impact in their conversations, helping your people forge stronger relationships and drive maximum impact together.

Our talk is our reputation, yet we often remain unaware of how our words resonate with others. Enter SoundWave
— an innovative assessment that uncovers your unique conversational fingerprint and its impact on your professional and personal relationships.

SoundWave isn’t just another test—it’s a journey of self-discovery, illuminating the nuances of your natural talk habits. It provides data drive insights into how you communicate with others. Armed with insights into your conversational tendencies, you gain a newfound understanding of how you connect with others that is immediately useful and actionable. 

StrengthsAsia integrates the SoundWave assessment into our workshop and coaching interventions to help you build better connections and navigate relationships with greater empathy, clarity, and intentionality. 

Through our SoundWave conversational workshops, you’ll uncover the keys to fostering deeper connections, resolving conflicts, and strengthening bonds. It’s a tool that doesn’t just enhance communication—it transforms lives, unlocking the potential for richer, more meaningful relationships in your professional and personal sphere.


Enhanced Communication

SoundWave provides leaders, managers, executives & individuals valuable insights into their communication styles, allowing them to refine their approach and become more effective communicators.

Stronger Stakeholder Relationships

By understanding how they talk and are perceived by others, they can foster stronger connections with stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, and partners, leading to more productive and harmonious relationships.

Increased Self-Awareness

SoundWave promotes self-awareness by
highlighting individual’s  strengths and areas for improvement in communication and conversations. This self-awareness enables
individuals to adapt their communication style to better meet the needs and preferences of their stakeholders.

Customized Verbal Strategies

Armed with data-driven insights,
individuals can develop tailored
communication strategies to engage and
influence their stakeholders more effectively.

Conflict Resolution

SoundWave facilitates better conflict
resolution by helping individuals identify
potential communication barriers and
misunderstandings, allowing them to address issues proactively and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders.

Leadership Development

For corporate organizations, SoundWave can be a powerful tool for leadership
development. By understanding their communication styles, leaders can inspire and motivate their teams more effectively, leading to increased employee engagement and
organizational success.


Own Your Conversation is our one-day
signature SoundWave program designed to help team members discover how they talk, through understanding more about their unique SoundWave and its impact on their work and relationships. Our program
develops your skill and sensitivity in
managing your communication tendencies with your team to create more positive
relationships, deeper engagements and better collaborations and performances.

Our SoundWave Language of Leadership program builds on the brilliance of the leaders’ unique communication style and equip leaders with the skills, tools and framework on how they can communicate with authenticity, impact and influence. Leaders will gain insights into their unique
communication style, and show them how they can build intentionality and capability to recognise others, build rapport, create trust, enable respect and instil faith with their followers. 

The 1-1 SoundWave coaching program is for leaders, managers, executives and individuals looking to better understand their communication style and improve their impact and outcomes through coaching. StrengthsAsia partners with SoundWave Accredited Coach Practitioners who will guide individuals on how they can develop targeted strategies to improve their communication style to achieve their desired outcomes using SoundWave suite of tools.


SoundWave is supported by over a decade of research. Kevin Eyre, the visionary behind SoundWave, has devoted years of study to unraveling the intricate dynamics of verbal interactions in the workplace and their profound effects on productivity and performance. His extensive research underscores the critical importance of comprehending how our talk influences and impact those around us.

Team members report the voices of inquire, challenge and advise as the voices they hear their managers use most.

People think they are offering solutions far less than they are in fact heard to do.

Probe, Critique and Correct voices are the truly edgy and socially risky voices. On average they are heard as the dominant voice only 6% of the time.

I thoroughly recommend to any leader who wants to improve the level of performance for his team. I went into the session with StrengthsAsia with a degree of skepticism thinking the team needs to focus on the key business and operational issues. I came out of the session with a smile, knowing my team more intimately and importantly our joint strengths. That made for a richer conversation and clearer direction when it came down to focusing on those few critical business priorities.
Michael E. Tyler
Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Supply Consumer Healthcare AMA, GSK
Kim Pong is a very experienced trainer and practitioner in the areas of CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder). My staff and I have personally benefited from his training in understanding our own strengths and how these affect team dynamics. CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) has also helped me to be a better coach to my staff. It’s been an eye opening journey and I strongly endorse Kim Pong and StrengthsAsia!
Peggy Quek
Chief Partnership Distribution Officer, AIA Singapore
Kim Pong does not deliver a "cookie cutter" syllabus, he will adapt the content to suit the team dynamics. My team and I really appreciate the facilitation and insight provided by the StrengthsAsia team to leverage on the team on individual talent to support on our team's objectives.
Helen Lim
Head of Shell Network of Women
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