lego serious play team building
“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato
Through LEGO Serious Play Team Building, we help team members to get to know each other better,
improve communication, build trust and create intentionally collaborative and committed teams.

One of our most sought-after LEGO® Serious Play® program is our Team Building program. Organisations are always looking for ways to help team members communicate better, identify team identity or uniting differences together to form a more cohesive and interdependent team. 

Our Lego Serious Play Team Building programs can help teams do all of that and more. We design different plays that is unique to the context of our clients to tackle the issues that they are facing. 

The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology breaks down communication barriers that exist between teams, and ranks within an organization as it sets everyone at an even level playing field.

Whether you are a small or large business, we will tailor our program to suit your unique Team Building needs and ensure we meet your desired outcomes. 


In every LEGO Serious Play Team Building workshop, we use the following framework:

  • CHALLENGE: We issue a challenge in a form of a question according to objectives of the client.
  • BUILD: Participants will have to answer the question through assembling LEGO® bricks together.
  • SHARE: Everyone will be given equal airtime to share their models.
  • REFLECT: Participants will reflect on the model and learning for that particular challenge. 



Every play is facilitated by a certified LEGO® Serious Play® coach. We create a safe space for team members to voice their thoughts and challenge each other. We facilitate feedback and exchanges between team members.


Team members will be challenged to think with their hands as they create 3-D LEGO® models that represent their thoughts. Through hands-on design thinking, a lot more layers and important details can be revealed in a story.

Simple Guiding Principles

Teams create simple guiding principles that guides them in making decision and communicating with each other. These Simple Guiding Principles are unique to different teams and it connect team members together as they are committed to the same principles.


Understanding Collaboration and Teamwork

Team members define what teamwork and collaboration means for each of them and find common and shared perspectives to create interdependent teams.

Collaboration Across Borders

Team Members make decisions from the emergence of new revelations, ideas and insights as a result of building the shared team identity landscape together. The team identity help teams to discover what could propel them forward towards their goals and what are the obstacles and challenges that could slow them down and what can do to solve it.

Move Seamlessly Towards Vision

Team members will challenge, critique and ask questions to get more understanding and clarity. This increase in the ability of team members to engage in difficult conversations and achieve constructive dialogue with each other.

Kim Pong is is an outstanding trainer. I was privileged to attend with my team, his sessions on StengthsFinder and Lego Serious Play.

Kim Pong has the talent of making the message of his courses come alive. He made an impact on my team, who came away pleasantly surprised how powerful Kim Pong was able to convey his lessons.

Kim Pong is also a humble and personable chap, and was able to forge a warm connection with my team. I enjoyed Kim Pong's training.
Ng Chon Hsing
Head, Group Regulatory Compliance OCBC Bank
Powerful! I had greater insights from 1 day of 'Lego Serious Play' than months of working together. The team delved into challenging topics but in such a fun way that we were surprised with the revelations gained by the end of the day. I likened this program to reading a novel; we are introduced to different interesting sub plots, leading up to a climatic end.
Beryl Ng
Executive Director Yong-En Care Centre
The power of this hands-on learning experience can never be underestimated.

Despite the limited amount of time available for the workshop, Kim Pong and his team were able to keep our managers engaged throughout.

Great job, StrengthsAsia team!
Norman Chua
Regional Head, Learning and Development Manager Asia & Greater China Global Luxury Retail
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