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Great schools exist because of teachers and students who are confident in who they are, what they bring, and what they can do at their very best.
Our Strengths-based Education program helps teachers and students discover their strengths through our teaching training workshop and motivational workshops for students, respectively. These workshops guarantee improved performances and better well-being.

Some students naturally thrive in school because the conventional studying method works for them. Naturally, other students struggle when they are unable to find a method of studying that works for them.

Our Strengths-based Education programmes leverages the ground-breaking CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) tool to help students tap into their potential and apply it towards a better learning experience. If you are looking to organise an experiential and engaging workshop specifically for learners to help themselves, explore our leadership and motivational workshop for students today.

Education can be a gratifying path, but it can be challenging for teachers to get their students engaged and motivated—while dealing with different learning styles and pressure from all ends.

Our Strengths Discovery Workshop for Teachers program is a teacher training workshop in Singapore. It applies the CliftonStrengths StrengthsFinder tool to inspire and educate teachers on using their innate potential into finding the best teaching styles for them that help them engage their students better.

    For our Strengths-based Education program and motivational workshop for students, we help students develop their confidence and motivation by:
  • LEARN: Helping them understand their unique talent and strengths, and the impact they can create with their uniqueness
  • LOVE: Celebrating and leveraging the differences of their peers and classmates
  • LIVE: Create and develop their own learning style and discover the environment they thrive best in through their talents and strengths
    For our CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) program for teachers, we help teachers use their talents and strengths to inspire the next generation of students through the following:
  • SELF-AWARENESS: Being aware of their own unique talents and strengths
  • FOCUS ON STRENGTHS: Teachers who focus on their own strengths as well as the strengths of their students as an area of development and motivation
  • UNIQUE TEACHING STYLE: Teachers create their own unique teaching style to enhance the learning experience for their students


Fun and interactive

Our leadership and motivational workshop activities for students are designed to be fun, interactive and experiential to cater to different learning styles.


Students are encouraged to be confident in sharing their strengths and challenged to be courageously vulnerable in their weaknesses.

Design Thinking

We incorporate the design thinking process and methodology. Students receive practical and creative tools to apply their talents and strengths.



Safe Space

In our teaching training workshop in Singapore, we have created a safe space for teachers to voice their thoughts and learn from their experiences with one another. We encourage and facilitate great exchanges and conversations.


Teachers are encouraged to be confident in sharing their strengths and challenged to be courageously vulnerable in their weaknesses.

All While Having Fun

We contextualise different activities for relevance while making them fun and interactive.

Benefits of Strengths-Based Education

With our years of experience in helping our strengths schools to create positive strengths-based cultures
using CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder), students and teachers achieve the following:

Confidently Strong

Students and teachers are confidently strong in what they are naturally great in, and what they can potentially do well in. At the same time, students and teachers are courageously vulnerable in their weaknesses, and will seek help from those with different strengths from them.

Teachers Better Engage Their Students

Teachers use their own talents and strengths to teach, motivate and develop their students. They help students learn by engaging and captivating them through their talents and strengths, even beyond the textbook syllabus.

Strengths-Based Education Culture

Schools that adopt the Strengths-based Education culture give teachers and students a common language to better engage and interact with each other. A common language that focuses on the strengths of individuals, and at the same time, removes the negative connotation of seeking help in areas of weaknesses.

StrengthsAsia is a team made up of extremely knowledgeable and committed trainers. Their belief in the power of strengths is evident in all they do and it is inspiring to those who attend their workshops.

Kim Pong in particular, excels in communicating his knowledge about strengths in a manner that is simple and easy to understand while still being conceptually nuanced.

Workshops with the StrengthsAsia team are always fun while being challenging and stimulating at the same time. I constantly leave feeling more inspired to enhance my strengths and also more equipped to develop a strengths programme for my organisation.

Thank you Kim Pong, Dina and team for being such an excellent team to work with.
Roxanne Teo
Student Development, Catholic Junior College
With knowledge, it has enabled me to understand each of my colleagues better and to harness our strengths synergistically to move the school forward.

The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) workshop by StrengthsAsia has provided much insight into the talents each of my colleagues. The interesting and fun activities drew out the responses that matched the talents of the participants. It was a day of good learning and team-bonding.

Kim Pong was engaging, informative and motivating. The workshop was well-structured, comprehensive, rich in content and useful. I would recommend this workshop to others.
Mdm Poh Lee Siew
Vice Principal, Yio Chu Kang Primary School
We have worked with StrengthsAsia for the past three years. Kim Pong has been an outstanding partner in crafting strengths-based leadership training to meet the needs of our learners.

His collaborative style and clear passion for his work make him an inspiring presenter who captures the attention and imagination of participants. Kim Pong's entire organization supports successful, meaningful application of CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) in the executive education space.
Katherine T. Hall
Associate Director Smith College
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