Focus – The Gallup CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Talent Theme

The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus talent theme is one of 34 unique talent themes in the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment.

A guide to understanding the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus talent theme

Gallup’s StrengthsFinder identifies the innate strengths of individuals. These variables are then improved upon to help them reach their highest potential. 

You may have the talent theme of Focus or know someone with the Focus talent theme. Understanding more about talent themes can help you strengthen your existing skill sets and improve interpersonal relations in both your personal and professional life. 

The Power Of The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus Talent Theme

Individuals with the talent theme of Focus are people who can take a direction, follow through and make the necessary corrections to stay on track. They often set powerful and specific goals for themselves and constantly make the effort to reach their destinations. They are exceptionally skilled at focusing their attention to an unusual level of concentration. This allows them to reach their goals faster than others since they are more committed to their purpose with a tunnel-like vision.

What the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus Theme Loves

People with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus talent theme love setting goals. Goals are their destinations. Setting short term and long term goals helps them see the path ahead of them clearly, as they are able to filter and evaluate their next course of action.

All that enables them to channel their concentration to those projects and work with all they have towards it. With their intense concentration, they are people who are skilled at enhancing the speed and quality of their performance, and helps people around them stay on track towards their goals.

What The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus Theme Dislikes

Individuals with the talent theme of Focus dislikes taking on tasks that has no direction or goal. They do not like to spend time doing work just for the sake of doing it. It could even be that they dislike taking up work that is not practical or considered unimportant towards their goals.

They also don’t like to be held up by other people’s progress as they are always timely and on track with their own progress. Delays and interruptions are a form of distraction and it hinders their focus and attention. 

Focus’ Basement Behaviours

When the Focus talent theme is pushed too hard, others may find it hard to understand or work with them for various reasons. 

Here are 3 negative behaviours of Focus:

1)   Unwilling to budge – Individuals with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus talent theme are always planning ahead by setting goals to complete tasks on their lists. As such, they don’t particularly like to make adjustments when goals need to be changed. Once they have set their mind on completing a project, they pay all their attention to getting the work done diligently. If something isn’t going as planned, they do have the tendency to get stubborn. 

2)  Intense – People with the talent theme of Focus are always tunnel-visioned. When on a task, they prioritise in a way that makes sure their environment is void of any possible interruptions that may make them lose their concentration. This makes them appear to be very intense as they filter out tasks that don’t help them move towards their goals. Often, they get too absorbed in their work, forget to take a break and miss the bigger picture in front of them.

3)  Stressed – Those who have the talent theme of Focus are usually hard-working individuals. Once they have determined their goals, these targets to be achieved function as their compass. As they don’t take up projects without an end goal, they usually see through to the end whatever they choose to participate in. When they overwork themselves, they stand the danger of getting too stressed out without knowing when to take a break or hit the pause button.

Focus’ Best Contributions

People with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Focus talent theme are especially helpful in getting people around them to stay focused on the end goal and on track with tasks. This results in productive and efficient work habits and group meetings. When others may start to wander on to irrelevant tracks of thoughts, people with Focus can bring them back to the topic and task at hand. Their Focus helps everyone remember their present project and they also remind others that if something is not helping them move ahead to their destination, it’s probably not important at all. 

They can keep track of everyone’s progress this way and eventually become the compass of the group too. Their talent theme of Focus keeps everyone on point and this makes them a very valuable member to any team. 


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