3 Inspirational Examples of Employee Engagement Done Right

Employee engagement is a primary factor that affects the health of an organisation. There are various factors that affect the level of engagement in workers, as such, there are multiple strategies to improve an existing business plan. 

Over the years, there have been numerous establishments that have discovered the golden recipe for sustainable employee engagement, and have shown the world what it looks like to have employee engagement done right.

According to one Gallup research, employee engagement goes beyond employee satisfaction. A strong engagement strategy involves integrating employee outreach programs into core business structures. The study showed that an effectively engaged workplace is known to confer a plethora of advantages for the organisation, which include 41% less absenteeism, a 17% rise in productivity, and 21% higher profitability. 

Hyatt Hotel – Low Turnover Rates in a Competitive Industry

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Orlando, US – Photo by Joseph Kellner

Hyatt hotel is known for its global chain of luxurious hotels. But perhaps less known is its extremely low staff turnover rate in an industry notorious for short-term employment. Hyatt features an average of 12-year employment for its staff, an impressive figure in any industry. 

The hotel’s secret lies in prioritising the personal growth and development of staff. Management focuses on constantly grooming staff in customer service strategies aimed at handling the most challenging guests. This enables each staff member to become experts in their field.

Additionally, Hyatt is known to promote long-term education for its staff by actively sponsoring and subsidising professional lessons. On top of that, the hotel staff can look forward to a bevy of perks that include attractive travel discounts and free meals from their fine hotel restaurants. 

Hyatt mostly succeeded in employee engagement as it has prized the needs of its staff as a pillar of its business strategy. 

Dreamworks Studios – Bring Out the Expert in Everyone

Dreamworks Studios is an animation giant that has brought us modern classics such as Kung Fu Panda and Shrek. The secret to its success lies in its strong focus on employee engagement. According to various employee feedback, the company is known to promote unlimited respect and trust among its workers. 

Employees are empowered to act upon their creativity skills despite their roles within the company. This enables entry-level crew members to pitch exciting movie plots and technological recommendations to top-tier producers and directors. 

Additionally, Dreamworks staff are provided with a friendly and inviting workplace culture that encourages after-hours bonding activities. These include karate lessons, movie night, and sculpture-making classes.  As a result, the company is known for an impressive 95% staff retention rate. 

Sephora – Makeup Empire that Offers Keys to the Kingdom

USA-based makeup giant Sephora connects employees through a three-prong approach. These include technology, training, and development. The management constantly provides floor staff (who they internally refer to as cast members) with the latest technologies to optimise their daily operations. The line-up of gadgets includes the ColourIQ shade sorter and AR technologies. 

Additionally, their staff members are provided with great opportunities for progression throughout the company and offered the chance to further their industrial skills in the official Sephora University

Employee engagement done right is about treating employees exactly as they are – the most precious asset in an organisation. And as results show, this significantly raises the success rate of the company. 


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