Significance – The Gallup CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Talent Theme

The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance talent theme is one of 34 unique talent themes in the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment.

A guide to understanding the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance talent theme

Gallup’s StrengthsFinder identifies the innate strengths of individuals. These variables are then improved upon to help them reach their highest potential. 

You may have the talent theme of Significance or know someone with the Significance talent theme. Understanding more about talent themes can help you strengthen your existing skill sets and improve interpersonal relations in both your personal and professional life. 

The Power Of The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance Talent Theme

Individuals with the talent theme of Significance want to have an impact on others as they find making a difference in the world important to them. They are independent characters and want to be recognised for their efforts by those around them. They want to be given numerous choices so that they can do things their own way. They are especially powerful contributors in life and can always add to their fields of work when they put their hearts and minds to tasks. They are also goal-oriented and always focus on their achievements. 

What the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance Theme Loves

People with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance talent theme love to make a difference in lives. They enjoy seeing that their efforts have created an impact on others. They love using the great energy, power, determination and motivation within them to create a lasting significance and impression in the world. They want to use their talents to make the world a better place. They love getting recognised for their efforts and want to be seen as the driving force of change. 

What The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance Theme Hates

Individuals with the talent theme of Significance dislike seeing stagnancy in their worlds. They get uninspired when others around them are not keen on becoming credible, professional and successful. They also dislike those who don’t work towards a goal of improving themselves. They try to encourage others to work harder so that they can attain higher standards of achievements or they will decide to move ahead without them. 

They like to keep moving forward and as such, dislike those who are satisfied with mediocre performances. They have an independent spirit and want to work on their own terms. As such, they dislike having their choices limited and being told what to do as they are used to paving their own ways. 

Significance’s Basement Behaviours

When the Significance talent theme is pushed too hard, others may find it hard to understand or work with them for various reasons. 

Here are 3 negative behaviours of Significance:

1)  Only want recognition – Individuals with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance talent theme are always working to leave a great impact on the world. As such, they use all of their achievements and talents to constantly motivate themselves. However, sometimes they may have the tendency to end up being seen as only interested in recognition and praises. They want to be assured of their efforts along the way and their constant check-ins for calibration could be misinterpreted by others if overdone. 

2)  Self-focused – People with the talent theme of Significance have an incredible ability to prioritise projects based on how much influence they will have on the organisation or people around them. On their bad days, people with Significance could become too self-focused and miss out on seeing the bigger picture. While they are not egotistical by nature, they could end up giving others a wrong impression of themselves. 

3)  Needy – Those who have the Significance talent theme are very fond of getting ahead in life. Their yearnings feel intense to them, and they honour those yearnings. As a result, their life is always filled with goals, achievements or qualifications that they constantly crave to work towards. This also means that they have the tendency to check in with others on their progress too often and it could make them come off needy. 

Significance’s Best Contributions

Individuals with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Significance talent theme constantly seek outstanding performances with whatever they put their minds to. They are always seen doing tasks of importance as they want to be able to bring positive changes to the world that they are a part of. They are independent by nature as they work towards acquiring recognition for their efforts. People with Significance are great members to have in a team as they will always work to achieve positive recognition from others, and they influence team members to work harder for that sweet taste of success. 


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If you want to learn more about the 34 talent themes or discover how you can apply your talent themes in the areas of your work and your life, feel free to reach out to us here.

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