5 Unique Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience with CliftonStrengths

5 Unique Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience with CliftonStrengths

Want more collaborative teams and greater productivity in your organisation? It’s all in your employee experience.

Many companies make the mistake of disregarding their employees’ perceptions of and interactions with them. Yes, clients and customers are arguably the most critical stakeholders. But employees are what keeps the company going. Whatever happens during your interactions, before, during and after their time with you, shapes their perceptions—or their experience with you. In turn, this carries a direct impact on many crucial factors such as company performance, retention, customer satisfaction, and many more.

Building the right employee experience strategy matters, especially if businesses are keen to remain competitive in the market. This starts by embedding a strengths-based approach within the company culture, through their CliftonStrengths.

This refers to tapping into a worker’s core strengths, and nurturing them to perform more efficiently and effectively by doing what they do best. The strengths-based approach relies on the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, otherwise more commonly known as CliftonStrengths.

Looking to improve your employee experience and create a people-first culture in your organisation? Read on to find out how you can integrate CliftonStrengths into your workplace to provide a great employee experience for your workers.

Be a Supportive Employer

These days, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want a job that makes them feel fulfilled and have a sense of purpose. More importantly, they want to belong.

It’s crucial that employers first and foremost create a work environment that invests in their employees. This means creating opportunities for them to learn new skills and knowledge, wellness programmes, and regular check-ins along the way. When employees have the opportunities to utilise their talents, work efficiently, and grow throughout their career journey, they surely will flourish in their jobs.

How CliftonStrengths Can Help:
Before you invest in your employees, you need to be able to understand their needs.The CliftonStrengths tool can help you assess and identify the key drivers for your employee, allowing you to engage them in the way they respond the best.

Cultivate a Welcoming and Inclusive Workplace Culture

In the era of diversity and inclusion, businesses need to focus on building a workplace that is welcoming to all. This means cultivating a culture where employees feel seen and heard, where they are comfortable speaking up, asking for help, or requesting feedback. This is only possible when the working environment is conducive to learning and encourages growth.

How CliftonStrengths Can Help:
The CliftonStrengths assessment is a tool that celebrates people and their unique potential. Leaders and managers should take further initiative to ensure that every employee undergoes the Gallup Strengths Assessment. By being aware of their potential strengths, they will be able to develop strategies that enable employees to perform their best in their specific roles. Over time, this will form a culture in which employees share and embrace each other’s CliftonStrengths and use them to their advantage.

Coaching Instead of Criticising

Constructive criticism is sometimes necessary for employees to understand their mistakes, but this method should be done with caution. Leaders and managers are rarely able to provide critical feedback that is actionable, appropriate, and detailed. Coaching is the preferred way of workplace communication with employees when it comes to improving their performances.

How CliftonStrengths Can Help:
CliftonStrengths is all about focusing on the individual’s assets. Coaching can be greatly effective as it establishes performance goals that motivate employees, eventually leading to higher productivity and efficiency. As such, coaching lets employees utilise their natural talents to help the company in their own capacity.

Empower Employees and Keep Them Engaged

It’s one thing for employees to come to work and complete their tasks. It’s another for them to be engaged and concerned about their contributions to the company. A lot of the time, companies struggle to build and maintain a sincere relationship with their employees, resulting in low employee engagement.

How CliftonStrengths Can Help:
When companies acknowledge and recognise their employees’ strengths, employees will undoubtedly be more present and focused at work as they feel appreciated. They are also likely to come up with more innovative ideas to re-energise the business.


At a time when employees are increasingly seeking value and purpose at work, companies should look for ways to empower them to provide a positive employee experience. If done right, employees will trust and have respect for their employers, making them feel attached to the company and willing to achieve the company’s objectives. In fact, by taking the simple step of implementing CliftonsStrengths within your organisation, you’re already demonstrating that you care about your employees and their experience with your business.

If you’re a business owner, HR professional, or someone tasked to improve the company’s employee experience, you can rest assured that StrengthsAsia has the necessary tools to transform your workplace culture. From leadership development training in Singapore to a team building workshop, we have helped many organisations to build more effective leaders and managers and make teams more cohesive. To find out more about our programs and workshops, feel free to reach out to us here.

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