Overcoming Career Stagnation: How To Not Feel Stuck At Work?

Overcoming Career Stagnation: How To Not Feel Stuck At Work?

Career stagnation is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon in the corporate world. It is a problem faced by many individuals at some point in their careers. Basically, career stagnation is a state in which an individual feels stuck in their current job and sees no opportunities for advancement or development. This situation can cause feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, and lack of motivation.

5 Ways to Get Over Career Stagnation

When an individual is trapped in a career that has stalled out, it impacts their productivity in the workplace and leaves them feeling hopeless. For this reason, it is necessary to overcome career stagnation, as it can benefit not just the individual but the organisation too. In this article, we will share some useful tips for overcoming career stagnation to help those who feel stuck in their job restart their stalled career. 

Have a clear goal 

Many individuals do not notice stagnation in their careers early on simply because they lack a clear career goal. When applying for a job, people often get asked, “Where do you see yourself in three or five years?” But some do not have an answer because they have no career goal in mind.

However, setting career goals is very important, as it can help you track your progress and determine what is next in your career journey. Find out what you want to accomplish in your career and create an action plan for it. This will help you monitor your performance and ensure that you are constantly growing in your career.

Acquire new skills

In today’s fast-paced job market, being able to absorb critical skills can be the biggest difference between those who remain in dead-end jobs and those who advance in their careers. As much as possible, be sure to continuously master new skills throughout your career either through self-learning or by joining online corporate training courses.

Whether it is learning another computer program, receiving a certification, or obtaining an industry-related skill, the more you can offer an employer, the greater chances you have at finding consistent career development. In addition, having new skills will increase your value and make you more likely to land a promotion or get a salary raise. 

Keep updated on industry changes

Every year, there are numerous technological advancements that occur in various industries. A great example of this is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in different sectors a few years back. Individuals who are not aware of these kinds of changes in their industry will likely find it hard to adapt and cope in their profession.

Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date on the new changes and trends that happen in your industry from time to time. No matter what your position in your workplace is, always remain abreast of new updates, as it will help you determine when it is time to update your skills in order to stay relevant in your industry.

Ask for more opportunities

It is easy to fall into a career rut when your job has become monotonous, and you have already lost all enthusiasm for your role. To prevent this from happening, always look for new challenges at work. Walk up to your project lead or manager and ask for a new role or responsibility.

Do not be afraid to ask for new opportunities that will help you enhance your current skills and develop new ones. You can also take up a new project or propose a fresh idea. Advancing in your career starts by having the confidence to ask for new opportunities and being capable of meeting new challenges.

Do some networking

Networking with individuals in the same industry as you will provide you with more opportunities in your career. When you rub elbows with established individuals in your line of work, you get to learn a lot of things and become acquainted with information you would not have known otherwise.

You can expand your corporate network by joining networking groups, finding new connections online, and participating in events like leadership training workshops. In Singapore, leadership workshops are an excellent way to acquire new skills for career growth and meet new people. 


It is not uncommon to feel stuck in a job that no longer pushes you to grow. Career stagnation is a common problem that most individuals will experience at a certain point in their career journey. If you feel like you have already become stagnant in your current profession, do not be afraid to restart by establishing new goals, acquiring new skills, adapting to industry changes, assuming new roles, and meeting other like-minded individuals.

If you are ready to take on bigger responsibilities at work and become a good leader to your colleagues, be sure to sign up for a leadership training workshop in Singapore. At StrengthsAsia, we utilise the powerful StrengthsFinder tool to cultivate potential leaders and equip them with a wide variety of skills necessary for career advancement. By joining the programme, you can become an effective business leader who never remains stagnant in any job.

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