4 Key Elements To Include In Your 2024 Employee Engagement Plan

4 Key Elements To Include In Your 2024 Employee Engagement Plan

Businesses worldwide have had to rapidly adapt to more new work landscapes in the last few years compared to any other time period before. From the unprecedented challenges following the COVID-19 pandemic to the eventual shift to hybrid working,  one can say that today’s work environment poses much difficulty when it comes to several aspects of the workplace, the most prominent being employee engagement.

In this era of remote work, the previous strategies of connecting employees to their work and a common goal no longer apply, requiring organisations to return to the drawing board and find new ways to maintain productivity moving forward.

Ways To Enhance Employee Engagement In 2024

As the needs and expectations of employees evolve, so should the strategies employed by organisations to keep their workforce engaged and motivated. So, with the advent of the new year now upon us, allow us to share which new elements are a must-have when strategising for your renewed employee engagement program.

Fine-tuned Virtual Onboarding

Remote work is now here to stay, leading to the most critical change in work culture in recent times—fully digital work. Faced with this transition, businesses now have to rethink a significant part of their recruiting and hiring process, such as onboarding.

Unlike the traditional method that involves face-to-face meetings with various people, onboarding in this new reality of hybrid working inevitably requires talent management to depend heavily on technology. The first order of business should then be to find the best way to leverage technology to change from a purely administrative onboarding experience to a more social one.

The challenge here lies in creating a plan that incorporates the social element without needing to be in person. The excitement of joining a new team remains everpresent among new hires, even when it is done remotely. Therefore, keeping that enthusiasm up involves being creative, such as setting up virtual coffee breaks to maintain the social elements of onboarding and promote employee engagement from the get-go.

In addition, this approach can positively affect employee retention in the long run and reduce time to productivity as new hires find their footing faster thanks to the support of their peers.

Keep Employee Engagement Social

Beyond onboarding, new social employee engagement strategies are necessary for employees to thrive in the new hybrid work landscape. For organizational leaders, working almost exclusively from home comes with unprecedented challenges since the office is no longer the preferred space for everyone to converge.

Remote employees may find themselves asking many questions, such as how they should communicate with their team members or who to reach out to for support. This is where human capital management solutions such as employee hubs come in to enable remote workers to be on the same page with their colleagues and efficiently communicate, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships in fully virtual work environments.

Thus, consider investing in new resources that keep the company culture alive even in remote or hybrid workplaces and remedy the pitfalls associated with these environments.

Leverage Internal Mobility to Boost Employee Engagement

Hiring from within the organization, otherwise known as internal mobility, is another trending strategy that can significantly improve employee engagement. This process essentially moves employees into different roles to develop new competencies and meet the business’s positional needs – has taken on heightened importance in the past years as companies look to assess and reassess the availability of qualified talent.

As competition for skilled talent grows fiercer, this practice of identifying and repurposing qualified employees who are already part of the company allows organizations to get more from their existing workforce. On top of that, it enhances retention as talents are provided with immediate opportunities for professional and personal development.

Focus on Continuous Performance Management

Another way to promote employee engagement in the future of work is to implement the principles of continuous performance management. This is in response to the potential challenges remote employees may face, including:

  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Scarcity of information
  • Ambiguity of work objectives
  • A lack of face time with direct supervisors
  • A general concern over skill/career development

Although conventional performance management models virtually focus on just employee rankings and compensation, they are appropriate for the bygone era in which they were developed. In contrast, continuous performance management is a newer model founded on the principle of regular and ongoing evaluations and developed to address the problems of the digital, remote working age.

In continuous performance management, a more engaging, forward-looking, and comprehensive evaluation scope is employed compared to the traditional approach that involves looking almost entirely at past actions. In other words, it leverages all the essential success elements fit for these uncommon times when remote workers may feel unsure of their purpose.


Employee engagement is arguably the greatest concern for organizations today, more so than other priorities, such as improving productivity and cost-effectiveness or keeping up with competitors. The recent changes in work culture play a big role in this need to boost employee engagement amid new working environments, and it is also a key factor for consideration when adopting a new strategy for 2024 and beyond. Hopefully, the contents above prove useful in helping you create a bespoke strategy that fits your organization’s requirements.

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