The 3 Vital T’s That Will Make Your Employees More Engaged

The 3 Vital T's That Will Make Your Employees More Engaged

Employee engagement is essential to all businesses because having successful strategies in place can help foster a better work culture, minimise staff turnover, build better professional relationships, improve productivity, and increase company profits. Indeed, when employees are satisfied and engaged, they become the best advocates of the company. For this reason, enhancing employee engagement should be a top priority for all companies.

Effective Ways to Engage Employees

Employee engagement is essentially about improving work culture and environment in order to motivate employees to become more committed to company objectives and values. When employees are dedicated and even passionate about their jobs, the company is most likely to enjoy the benefits of efficient business operations and high profitability.

To increase employee engagement, companies need to improve on certain facets of their businesses, which can be made easier with the help of leadership development workshops in Singapore. Listed below are three aspects that must be implemented for a company to increase the engagement of its employees.

Timely Payroll

Payroll is usually described as one of the most essential business functions. At the end of the day, employees perform their jobs for the primary reason of earning money so that they can meet all their needs. As such, it is easy to imagine what would happen to a business if it constantly fails to deliver accurate payroll on time. Without timely pay, employees will quickly lose motivation at work and may even be encouraged to quit their jobs soon.

When numerous employees resign from their jobs simultaneously or successively due to inaccurate and late payroll, the company will surely face closure in the future since businesses generally depend on their staff to generate profits. For this reason, it is important for a company to ensure that its employees are always paid correctly and punctually to avoid losing employees and revenues. Indeed, accurate and timely payroll processes are vital to protecting a business from losing its most valuable asset – its workforce.

Training and Development

Employee engagement basically measures how much an employee is invested in, motivated by, or passionate about their job. To encourage an employee to become much more engaged, the company should always make them feel like they are growing together with the organisation instead of being stuck at work. One of the best ways to do this is to promote training and development among the employees. Having the ability to grow professionally and personally is a crucial factor in employee engagement.

If an employee feels like the company is not taking care of them from a developmental perspective, they are likely to see themselves as surplus to requirements for both the team they belong to and the company they are working for.

As such, it is necessary to provide employees with personal and career development opportunities as part of their role in the business. When employees have adequate access to employee training workshops, they tend to become more engaged and less likely to find alternative employment.

Team Building

Team building plays a crucial role when it comes to employee engagement and retention. For one, team-building activities nurture a sense of belonging and connection among members of the team. When employees feel comfortable with and connected to their team, they tend to be more engaged in their work as a consequence. Team building activities essentially promote communication, collaboration, and shared goals, all of which help foster a positive work environment.

Besides strengthening team connections, team-building activities can also contribute to the well-being of the employees, which is closely linked to staff engagement and retention. Fun team-building exercises help boost employee morale, alleviate stress, and facilitate a positive work-life balance. 


Companies need to focus on employee engagement because it is vital to the survival and development of businesses. Aside from increasing productivity and profitability, employee engagement brings better customer service and higher staff satisfaction and retention.

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