What Students Seek To Gain When Having A Growth Mindset

What Students Seek To Gain When Having A Growth Mindset

One of the vital keys to success is having the right mindset. How you think and what you constantly think about do have a direct influence on the outcome of your actions. Your mindset also directly impacts your behaviour.

While seemingly trivial to some, mindset is one of the significant differences between those who succeed and those who do not. This is why it is essential to master having the right mindset if you want to succeed, whether in school, career, or life in general.

What is a Growth Mindset?

The growth mindset is the belief that intelligence and skills can be achieved with practice and time. You can identify someone with a growth mindset by a few common attributes, like possessing self-confidence, a resilient attitude, and positivity. Those with a growth mindset are less likely to be discouraged by failure, like when they fail an exam.

Individuals with this mindset see failures as an opportunity to learn, so they persevere and try harder until they succeed. This is why it helps to enrol in a personal development workshop. For example, our own leadership development training in Singapore and Asia helps greatly in encouraging performance and wellbeing.

Benefits of Having a Growth Mindset

Develop a Lifelong Commitment to Learning

For students, developing their growth mindset helps them become more open to new information and to learning in the future. When a student possesses a growth mindset, they know that they can achieve anything with hard work, so they do not stop learning. They are always hungry to discover new things and expand their knowledge. They are not discouraged by the amount of work they need to put in to succeed. Because of this, they are more motivated and respond well when their effort is acknowledged.

Find Growth Even When Outside the Classroom

Students with a growth mindset are well-rounded individuals. They thrive even outside the four walls of their classroom. Despite all their trials, they continue to thrive and grow as individuals because they believe that failures and challenges are building blocks and not hindrances to success. As a result, it leads to new opportunities and ways to develop to improve their lives and relationships.

Develop Resilience in Everything

A growth mindset empowers students to continue developing their abilities despite numerous failed attempts. This is because hard-working people know that the path to success is not easy. They know they need to have grit and persistence and not let anything hold them back. This makes them more resilient and motivated to do better and accomplish their goals in almost any sphere.

Achieve Success in Any Career

Students with a stagnant or fixed mindset will have difficulty succeeding in their careers. This is because workers will always need to learn new skills every now and then. They need to be adaptable, willing to learn, and take on new challenges. Even in the modern workplace, a majority of employers are eager to hire a candidate who lacks the required skills but has the ability to learn and be trained. This is because learning and development are relevant in all aspects of work.


A growth mindset can help students improve not only in school, but also in their careers and any future endeavours. While students themselves should be responsible for equipping themselves with a growth mindset, teachers play an influential role in encouraging and propelling them.

At StrengthsAsia, our teacher training workshop in Singapore and across Asia utilises the CliftonStrengths’ StrengthsFinder tool to assist teachers in finding and honing their skill sets to enhance their teaching capabilities. We believe that good teachers create good students, so it is important for teachers to tap into their fullest potential to inspire the next generation of students. Our strengths-based education also caters to students to allow them to develop their learning styles and be aware of their talents.

Interested in our courses? Talk to us today to find out more.

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