Connectedness – The Gallup CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Talent Theme

The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness talent theme is one of 34 unique talent themes in the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment.

A guide to understanding the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness talent theme

Gallup’s StrengthsFinder identifies the innate strengths of individuals. These variables are then improved upon to help them reach their highest potential. 

You may have the talent theme of Connectedness or know someone with the Connectedness talent theme. Understanding more about talent themes can help you strengthen your existing skill sets and improve interpersonal relations in both your personal and professional life. 

The Power Of The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness Talent Theme

Individuals with the talent theme of Connectedness believe in the power of links between people and events. They are strong believers that everything happens for a reason. They don’t quite believe in coincidences, rather, they like to think that all events are connected to one another – someway, somehow. This belief of theirs may be referred to as a collective unconscious, spirit or a life force. What they name it doesn’t change the fact that they are always respectful, considerate, accepting and caring for others because of this connection. They have a strong sense of purpose in life and are often known as bridge builders in social settings. 

What the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness Theme Loves

People with the talent theme of Connectedness subscribe to the idea of cause and effect. A balance of the scale and a conceivable reason within reach of hand assures them to stay calm. Their belief that people and events are linked to one another gives them a rough sense of how the world around them functions. 

They love to build teams with those around them by showing others how pieces fit together and why each of them are important to complete the puzzle at hand. Their ability to transfer their ideas of connections into reality makes them ecstatic and great leaders. 

What The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness Theme Dislikes

Individuals with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness talent theme have the natural tendency to counsel or listen to others. They hope for those around them to be open-minded so they can share their convictions. As a result, they face difficulty sticking to their instincts of sharing when those around them refuse to participate or accept their perspectives. 

Another situation they may not agree with is when people blindly agree with them. Those with the talent theme of Connectedness genuinely want others to see how the world and its parts overlay with each other. As such, people with Connectedness dislike when others breeze over their comments and suggestions. 

Connectedness’ Basement Behaviours

When the Connectedness talent theme is pushed too hard, others may find it hard to understand or work with them for various reasons. 

Here are 3 negative behaviours of Connectedness:

1)   Passive – Individuals with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness talent theme are strong believers of faith. They subscribe to the notion of the ‘ripple effect’ and like to think that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, problems may occur where factors within our control could have been used to resolve matters. However, when people with Connectedness stick to their guts, they may be seen as passive for leaving things to be resolved by themselves instead of stepping up and solving the issue. 

2)   Naive – People with the talent theme of Connectedness are natural bridge-builders. They believe that despite people’s differences, we are all linked to each other, one way or another. On the days where they’re stressed or pushed to their limits, these individuals may insist that things will work things out eventually and this could result in them to be perceived as naive by others. 

3)   Idealistic – Those with the talent theme of Connectedness are exceptionally skilled at sustaining themselves and those around them in the face of life’s mysteries. They are able to lift others’ spirits in efforts to collaborate with others. They could be focusing on the best possible outcome that they end up missing out on catching some of the potential problems that could arise. Consequently, others may perceive them to be too idealistic in such scenarios. 

Connectedness’ Best Contributions

People with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Connectedness talent theme like to think that the past, present and future are all linked with each other. They are spiritual by nature and have the tendency to spread positive vibes with those around them. 

Since they believe that all events are connected to one another, they advise others to not worry about the small things as everything will eventually work itself out. They are always looking at the bigger picture and put in the effort to help others find purpose in life. 


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