Debunking 3 Myths About Workplace Culture

In today’s article, we will be looking at some of the commonly discussed top myths about workplace culture of an organisation. 

Before we get right into that, let’s first take a look at the definition of a workplace culture. 

What Is Workplace Culture?

According to an article published by, workplace culture refers to the shared beliefs and values established by leaders that are communicated and reinforced through various methods. 

Otherwise known as ‘organisational culture’ and ‘company culture’, it also ultimately shapes “employee perceptions, behaviours and understanding”. 

Hence, workplace culture essentially sets the context for everything an enterprise does too. 

However, there have been some misunderstanding about what workplace culture truly is all about. Here are 3 common myths about workplace culture.

Myth #1: Increased Pay check Means Happier Employees

While being incentivised for an employee’s effort and hard work is important, “money is rarely the main driver of happiness at work”. 

In fact, an article published by suggested that “money and power will keep people at a job, but they won’t inspire the best employees to do their best work. 

Part of the reason is due to the idea of ‘habituation’, meaning, people get used to their circumstances over time”.

Increasingly, employees are vocalising their priorities and choosing jobs that provide them with better work-life balance or even work that means something bigger in the context of life. 

Additionally, the pandemic had forced numerous businesses to switch up their work arrangements overnight. This had caused many employees to work from home and now, telecommuting is one new quality that job-seekers are looking out for. 

Myth #2: Workplace Culture Is All About HR-Organised Events or Pool Tables In The Break Room

A company’s organisational culture does not just refer to the fancy dress-up days, events organised by HR, or pool tables found in the break room.

Instead, workplace culture is built through the proper establishment of company vision and values, operations and communication as well as leadership and recognition

“These processes lead the mission and values of the businesses and at the same time, also creates an engaging workplace where employees feel motivated, driven and supported” at the company.  

Myth #3: Having A Workplace Culture Is Good But Not Compulsory

Having a workplace culture is not only good but absolutely mandatory for successful companies. This is because a properly established workplace culture defines what can be accepted and expected of individuals in an organisation. 

A great workplace culture also encourages kind and respectful treatment of both their clients and colleagues. Additionally, it also ensures that the team spirit is kept strongly intact when individuals have to come together to work on organisational projects and reach goals collectively. 

In a nutshell, building a workplace culture that is agile to the demands of the future is a process that asks for time, patience and an open mind.

When everyone in the organisation takes it upon themselves to build an excellent workplace culture, they are undoubtedly ensuring its success. It would become theirs and they would not want to see it fail.


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