Effective Leaders – 5 Simple Ways To Lead Effectively

Leadership has been known to make or break an organisation. The one who sails the ship in the modern day organisation wields immense power in his hands. It is important for any organisation to have effective leaders. 

If you are looking for ways to maximise productivity at work, perhaps attempting to understand the importance of effective leadership could be the first step you take.

Read on to find out 5 ways on how you can be an effective leader in your team. 

1) Provide essential guidance to staff

One of the best (and obvious) ways to maximise productivity at work is to simply teach your staff how to get things done. There are multiple methods to provide them with the appropriate guidance and one such way is to send them for training workshops that will develop their skills. Signing staff up for programmes that allow them to hone in on their talents can be a strategy that you put in place to encourage improvements in their performance at work. 

Additionally, it is also essential to ensure your employees have a good work-life balance. Most of them spend a bulk of their day at work. Some jobs may require employees to put in extra work hours. For some people, working longer hours creates a good balance for them. For others, it could affect the quality of their lives outside of work. It is important to check in with your employees to ensure they are getting the balance they require as this will positively impact the quality of their work. 

2) Promote a creative environment

Multiple studies have shown that a creative environment promotes better performance and increases productivity at workplaces. One particular research conducted by Harvard Business Review says that a positive workspace will attain greater success over time as it nurtures positive emotions and increases their employees’ well-being. 

The study also elaborated on ways to achieve a positive environment through simple steps that can be implemented in one’s work life. These steps include fostering social connections, expressing empathy, encouraging employees to share their challenges and helping them proactively. Promoting a positive environment through these measures is hence, a proven way to attain a conducive working environment for everyone involved.  

3) Encourage and spread good values

Spreading the right ideas and values at the workplace is an essential matter to undertake by effective leaders. Sharing the workplace culture and expectations of responsibility, discipline, humility and the likes could help new employees get a better understanding of the firm they are joining. 

Make sure that the values and integrity of the workplace are stressed at work. At the very least, everyone should be treated with respect so that a conducive working environment can be formed. As a participant of a healthy workspace, take the initiative to ensure that there is no room for any disrespect. 

Imparting important values within a workspace helps to build up a positive working environment where everyone will feel safe and motivated to contribute. 

4) Increase team morale

One of the best ways to be an effective leader within an organisation is to conduct team building and team bonding activities with group members to increase the team’s morale. Sometimes, the simplest way to maximise productivity at a workplace is by building strong relationships between the people who have to work on projects together. 

In an earlier point mentioned, promoting a creative work environment is also a way to increase the team’s morale. Conducting team games, or hosting bonding days where team members can have the chance to mingle with one another outside of work context, are strategies that companies can adopt to easily increase team morale. 

Providing employees with platforms to exercise their creativity can help them build a trustworthy relationship with their bosses, all while increasing their willingness to maximise productivity at work too. Happy employees means higher employee retention rates too.

5) Drive the company’s visions

Every organisation sets out with missions and visions to achieve. While most staff may miss out on these ideas while they are engaged with their day-to-day activities and to-do lists, effective leaders will always have these details in the back of their minds. 

Leaders may occasionally refresh and remind their employees about the company’s visions and missions so that employees could recollect on why they decided to join the organisation in the first place. Identifying with the company’s goals encourages employees to work harder to achieve organisational success and this in turn results in staff to lead their companies better. 

These are just 5 simple ways to be effective leaders in your organisation. Start with these small steps and you’ll be on the right track to empowering yourself and others in the workplace, bringing your organisation to greater heights. 


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Reshma is StrengthsAsia’s content writer and research contributor. She enjoys spending her time writing anything from poems to screenplays, and everything in between. She also finds joy in reading novels, baking and catching movies with her family. Participating in creative activities helps her find inspiration and new ideas for her work.

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