What Is Lego Serious Play?

Lego blocks are often synonymous with childhood and remain one of the most recognisable toys in the world. It would probably come as a shocker to learn that these unsuspecting blocks could hold the secret toward optimised workplace culture among other benefits. Enter Lego Serious Play – an innovative facilitation method that utilises Lego pieces in a fascinating and inspirational way. 

Lego Serious Play?

Lego Serious Play goes beyond the basics of artistic expression, tapping on the profound thought processes that lie within the psyche of an individual. The creative sessions focus on three learning mediums – audio, visual, and kinesthetic. As such, Lego Serious Play is designed to evoke hidden ideas and concepts that would remain undiscovered under normal circumstances. 

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How Do Lego Serious Play Sessions Work?

Each session is led by a qualified Lego Serious Play facilitator. Participating groups come in all sizes and are instructed to construct Lego models in response to questions from the facilitator. However, unlike free play, there are key rules that apply to each session. 


– Participants may only form their models with a preset selection of Lego elements (model components). (Lego elements have been specifically chosen based on psychological research and findings)

– Each question posed by the facilitator carries a hidden significance that reveals the perspectives of each participant. 

-Subsequent questions delve deeper into an individual’s thought processes to present an insightful profile. 

Why is this Important?

Research has shown that workplace culture is a major factor in employee engagement. However, it might be difficult to establish the hidden sentiments of each worker under normal circumstances. 

Additionally, employee satisfaction feedback such as 360 degree surveys are too few and far in between to paint an accurate picture of employee satisfaction and engagement. Most feelings may remain under wraps until the damage is irreversible, leading to the turnover of talent. 

What Lego Serious Play does is dispel the fog by revealing obscured thought processes and communication methods – through problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation. Simply put, nothing is left to guesswork throughout the session. 

Forge a Shared Identity 

The complex dynamics at a workplace is certain to result in some degree of misunderstanding and frustration. Unresolved tension may result in full-blown conflict and poor future collaborations. Lego Serious Play prevents all that by uniting co-workers in a common language through a hands-on, minds-on approach. 

This avoids misconceptions that usually stem from conventional language (spoken and written) while encouraging individuals to clearly share their perspectives without complication or veiled agendas. The exercise will keep co-workers on the same page, toward tackling real-life workplace challenges. 

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Equal Opportunities

Lego Serious Play facilitators will provide each participant with equal opportunity to present their models/ideas. This means that individuals will get a chance to speak up and express themselves regardless of position, seniority, or personality (including introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between). This will be an extremely revelatory experience for all involved, especially when it comes down to the usually quiet and reserved coworkers. 

Lego Serious Play will help organizations identify the hidden talents of their employees and transform abstract insight and awareness into actionable goals. As such, this enables organizations to better understand and engage their staff to achieve more productive results. 

Empowers Individuals

Lego Serious Play’s model-based storytelling proves that every individual has an essential role in contributing to the whole. According to consulting firm Mercer, modern-day employees prioritise purpose at work. Employees who fail to find meaning in their roles are likely to become actively disengaged and more willing to jump ship when a better opportunity arises. 

Lego’s experimental facilitation will encourage every participant to believe that they can contribute to the outcome, decisions, and discussions in their immediate situations.


According to the official site of Lego Serious Play, Lego Elements were designed as catalysts that trigger hidden processes that you may not realise. This essentially means that participants might discover skills and thinking abilities that have remained dormant all this time. 

Lego Serious Play not only serves to unite coworkers but also has the potential to produce a burst of insight within the individual. This will help a person identify their core talents and spend more energy improving what they are naturally good at – which happens to be the cornerstone of the CliftonStrengths test

Putting Insights into Practice

Ultimately, any finding or data has to be put to good use for it “to count”. While a serious play session is highly enjoyable and memorable for participants, the valuable lessons should be used to shape key processes and operations. 

Brand Creation

A strong brand relies on a consistently distinct “voice”. Lego Serious Play will help organizations establish or refine that unique tone through the guided course of expression and dialogue. The established branding may go on to shape the layout and practices of workplace culture and foster a stronger sense of belonging among staff.  

Group Decision-making

Lego Serious Play improves team dynamics to create more cohesive groups. Additionally, it facilitates better discussions among co-workers to form a healthier environment where every suggestion is respected and has the potential to steer a decision. 


Start-ups can benefit greatly from Lego Serious Play while they seek to establish the foundations of their branding and culture. Serious Play sessions will also strengthen the working relations between a new team of coworkers – recognising individual skillsets and the most suitable teamwork strategies that drive ideal results.  

These implementations are merely the tip of the iceberg as far as what this amazing program has to offer. An organization that plays and works hard is likely to succeed in a workforce where employee engagement is a crucial ingredient – some Lego Serious Play might just come in handy. 


StrengthsAsia has helped many individual and corporate clients all throughout the region in empowering leaders by enabling breakthrough experiences for both leaders and followers. If you want to learn more about the Lego Serious Play Program, feel free to reach out to us here.

A devotee at the altar of language and a celebrant of expression. Laurenzo has written for various SMEs, MNCs, startups and international brands over the last three years. He specializes in topics of psychology, lifestyle, employee management, and digital trends.

Aly is StrengthsAsia’s marketing and communications guru and lead editor. She's over the top inquisitive and everyone in the company knows her as “The Googler” as she practically googles everything. Honestly, we all worry for her… She is also the Principal Trainer for our one of a kind ice cream team building workshops in Asia.

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