How Do You Listen?

When you’re in a conversation, do you often find yourself just hearing, listening, or actively listening?

The power of great conversations does not solely lie on what is being shared, but what is being heard and understood as well.

Here’s a simple comparison chart to gauge how you normally listen when in a conversation.

how do you listen

In our upcoming talk “The Art of Conversation Lies In Listening” on 3rd Sept 2020, we share what the power of active listening is, and why active listening is a grossly underestimated skill to have these days.

Tune in to understand the difference between hearing and listening, understand the impact and benefits of active listening, and gain perspective and tips on how you can listen effectively for better and improved daily communication.

If you have not registered with us, you can do so here:

*Registering once will grant you access to all 4 talks. If you can’t make it for any of the talks but you are interested in the content, register anyway as we will be sharing the recordings at the end of the series.

We look forward to chatting with you!

Aly is StrengthsAsia’s marketing and communications guru and lead editor. She's over the top inquisitive and everyone in the company knows her as “The Googler” as she practically googles everything. Honestly, we all worry for her… She is also the Principal Trainer for our one of a kind ice cream team building workshops in Asia.

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