Maintaining Employee Engagement with the Rise of Automation

Employee engagement remains a major priority in the modern workplace. Research by FastTrack360 states that 71% of business leaders believe that employee engagement is critical for the growth and success of their organisation. However, automation is on the rise these days.

There is a common concern that the rise of automation may replace humans with robots. However, the opposite may hold more truth. Organisational leaders can use automation to their advantage, ushering in a new era of employee engagement. 

And A.I. and automation is set to stay for the long haul. The Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide predicts that the global A.I. budget is set to expand from $37.5 billion in 2019 to $97.7 billion in 2023.  

Modern organisational leaders can drive significant improvement in employee engagement by leveraging automation in several ways. 

Real-time Employee Feedback Analytics

Traditional employee satisfaction surveys and limited data analyses are spaced out within a work year. The main problem with annual or quarterly feedback lies in its failure of offering employers an accurate representation of current employee sentiments. 

Automated responses, however, have the advantage of real-time responsiveness. This is largely achieved through A.I-enhanced sentiment analysis. The collection of real-time employee feedback provides the latest insights into overall employee satisfaction levels. 

Through compiling data such as preferences/dislikes, thought processes, and trending issues, employers can form a better understanding of workers. This enables leaders to anticipate quitting trends, thus, flagging, addressing, and resolving serious workplace concerns to improve staff retention rates. 

Automation in Collaboration Tools

Leaders might find themselves in a fix when it comes down to selecting the right person for the right job. The process of vetting and grouping workers according to their skills and experience can be gruelling. A.I. can help streamline the delegation process by combining employee data, machine learning, and predictive analysis processes. 

With automated collaboration tools, leaders can assign workers based on A.I. data-driven suggestions. Schedule clashes, incompatible expertise levels, and odd matches will be a thing of the past with automated team formations. 

Through technology, organisational leaders can free up their time from the tedious menial aspects of team building to focus on more crucial responsibilities, such as L&D

Automated Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular on the world stage. According to research by Business Insider Intelligence, 80% of companies intend to use chatbots by this year (2020). 

The main focus, however, lies in automated chatbots that run on machine-learning and predictive analytics. Such chatbots are programmed to answer all queries in a friendly, conversational, and systematic manner. As such, these bots can improve an organisation’s internal communication system. 

Through consistent A.I. assisted communication, workers can have their problems and uncertainties answered with fewer disputes and miscommunications. This creates an amenable environment for improved employee engagement. 

Automation can simplify HR processes toward creating a more cohesive workplace. However, it is important for employers to realise that A.I. technology is still in its budding stages. Thus, leaders should always ensure that platforms are reviewed and compared before implementation. 

Technologically-driven employee engagement is a mainstay for the workplace of tomorrow and the revolution has already begun. 


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