The Growing Trend of Leadership Development Programs in Singapore

There has been a rise in leadership development programs in Singapore. Well-trained leaders are likely to possess refined soft skills, which sets the stage for greater employee engagement and staff retention.

As a leading economy in the region and arguably the world, Singapore has identified the need for leadership development and embraced training programs as an industrial priority.

Leadership Development in Social Services 

Social service is an essential service that has a major impact on society, especially during times of uncertainty. The sector requires empathy, resourcefulness, and communication skills, which are constantly honed to provide the best service standards. Additionally, social service leaders must seek the best strategies and methods in keeping their staff motivated in the demanding field. 

As such, the NCSS ( National Council of Social Services) provides social agencies with a milestone Leadership Development Program (LDP) offered by the Singapore Service Institute (SSI). The leadership program aims to develop professionals according to their experience and professional needs. 

NCSS’ LDP is divided into three main categories: for individuals who lead people, team leaders, and organisational leaders. The course categorisation is an effective example of how leadership development programs may be effectively applied to workers regardless of their role within the organisation.  

SkillsFuture Initiatives

On a broader scale, the government provides citizens with Skillsfuture leadership development initiatives (LDI) that hones the leadership skills of individuals and employers in Singapore. The initiative is available across various sectors, which include HR, retail, legal, and financial services. 

Employers may take the opportunity to further enhance existing in-house leadership development programs by pairing relevant modules with the Skillsfuture LDI. The initiative is part of the national objective to help develop the competencies and experiences of Singaporean business leaders. 

StrengthsAsia Engagement Programs

StrengthsAsia is the leading provider of the StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths) training in Singapore. The StrengthsFinder is a unique online assessment by the Gallup organisation, which helps identify and engage the innate strengths of leaders to help them optimise their leadership abilities. 

There are two possible outcomes to StrengthsFinder training. Firstly, leaders will be able to strengthen existing leadership styles by understanding themselves better, which improves their approach to any given crisis or situation. Secondly, leaders can integrate strengths engagement practices in the workplace, which recognises and empowers employees according to their strengths. 

Strengths-based workplaces have been proven to raise the overall engagement and productivity of employees. This reduces employee turnover rates and improves the reputation of the organisation. 

Leadership development programs are necessary for bringing out the best in a leader. This is either achieved with updated information or unlocking the hidden potential that lies dormant within the leader. 

With increased availability and accessibility of leadership development courses, it has become a rule rather than an exception for organisational leaders to keep up with the competitive climate through lifelong training. 


StrengthsAsia has helped many individual and corporate clients all throughout the region in identifying and maximizing their talents, in driving engagement and increasing motivation in their work and life.

A devotee at the altar of language and a celebrant of expression. Laurenzo has written for various SMEs, MNCs, startups and international brands over the last three years. He specializes in topics of psychology, lifestyle, employee management, and digital trends.

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