Morale drives people beyond their perceived limits. We see the term “morale” commonly applied in historical records of battles, where soldiers rally themselves towards glory despite harsh realities. While workplace environments vastly differ from a battlefield, morale still goes a long way. Organisational leaders can boost staff morale and strengthen workplace culture by optimising employee communications through novel ways. 

Practise Transparency

Miscommunications and misinterpretations abound at the workplace. Leaders can avoid misunderstandings by improving the visibility of their communication practices. For example, leaders can “open the floor” during meetings, where employees may ask any question without facing censure. 

It is crucial never to brush off an employee’s concerns, no matter how trivial they may seem. Employees who are heard and assured are likely to stay engaged and committed to the company. 

The main goal is to ensure every worker is on the same page – thinking, planning, and acting on a similar wavelength.

Maintain Consistent Check-ins

Leaders can foster a healthy environment that encourages employees to check in on co-workers to ensure no person is left behind.  They should ask critical questions to learn how employees cope with tasks. Insights from employees can help organisations anticipate issues and speed up problem-solving processes before issues escalate. Additionally, leaders can check if their employees’ actions and decisions align with the organisational goals and objectives. 

Offer Feedback 

Consistent feedback is crucial in the growth and development of workplace culture. Leaders can learn a great deal from employees on how they can improve current systems from the ground. By working closely with employees, leaders can view processes and decisions from multiple angles to cover all tracks and explore new opportunities. 

Mutual feedback results in a system where employees and leaders can continuously learn and improve from each other to advance faster towards organisational goals. 

Break the Monotony

Employees may become increasingly disengaged due to repetitive routines. Leaders can keep the work environment fresh and exciting by breaking the monotony with novel practices. For example, leaders may conduct meetings at an unexpected location, such as a cafe or restaurant. 

Leaders may also improve morale by preparing surprise rewards for top-performing staff. Anthony Hughes, a co-founder of recruitment firm Coburg Banks, sums up the monotony at the workplace,  “as employers, we should be careful not to shrug it off simply. Boredom can be a real issue, it is avoidable, and it could seriously damage your business in the long run.”

Stay Well-rested

There is a growing body of research regarding the perks of well-rested workers. Some of the reported advantages include reduced mistakes, improved safety, and increased productivity. Employers can help promote better-rested teams by offering Flexi-hour or job-sharing opportunities that encourage work-life balance. 

The ultimate key to improving overall morale lies in raising the happiness factor at work. Research shows that happier employees tend to be more productive than their unhappy peers. Many factors contribute to improved workplace culture, but happiness might lie at the heart of it all. 

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