The Potential of “Text-based” Learning and Development

text based learning and development

Remote work is now a norm, with most organisations functioning via shared offices and work-from-home initiatives. Inevitably, learning and development also take on an increasingly digital trajectory.  Blended learning is rising in popularity as more trainers combine traditional classroom methods with online material for the best learning outcomes. 

However, online content may cause a slight inconvenience for curriculum developers, especially for less digital-savvy individuals. A typical LMS (learning management system) might comprise tedious set-ups, ineffective performance tracking, and “blockish” user interfaces that make digitisation a nightmare. 

Digital/remote training should focus on a universal system that prioritizes the learner’s experience while eliminating or reducing the technical complexities that make it unappealing. On this note, it seems like a text-based tool might seem like a highly intuitive and effective alternative to mainstream learning platforms. 

Bite-Sized Information 

It is no mystery that a person’s average attention span is shrinking. We live in a digital world where information lies literally at the fingertips. Digital convenience makes it easy for individuals to cycle through various online sources of information without much effort or attention. In other words, knowledge no longer carries the same weight of exclusivity and fascination compared to offline eras. 

Text messaging approaches can help trainers/organisational leaders prepare a course through bite-sized information – spread across weeks and various times of the day. The information should be as simple and “natural” as reading the message from a friend. 

No Sign-ups Necessary

Enrollment in a text-based learning and development course is mainly automated. Since participants/learners will access the content with their mobile devices, there is no need for app orientation or product demos to start a lesson. The elimination of administrative steps enables learners and trainers to focus on value-added processes like group discussions and content sharing. 

Added Security 

User data security is a common concern regarding online teaching. Text-based lessons offer trainers and learners optimized privacy protection via telecommunication providers’ services and end-to-end encryption (in the case of WhatsApp and similar texting platforms). With text-based learning, users can receive and benefit from useful information with peace of mind.  


Most people check their phones first thing in the morning. Conventional online learning platforms require internet connectivity and access to a tablet or computer, but text-message material could reach learners almost immediately. 

Text-based learning and development enable trainers and organisational leaders to personalise learning with unmatched ease; however, it carries two considerations. 

Firstly, text-based lessons should supplement other training methods and not serve as a primary source of information. The bite-sized messages make it a challenge to cover specialized/complex knowledge. And secondly, trainers should limit the number of messages per day (and time sent) to avoid spamming. In an age shaped by digital learning, text-based courses could sustain and develop learner interest in newfound ways.  

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