StrengthsExplorer Help Your Children Discover Their Talents To Succeed

The Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer is an online assessment tool developed by the Gallup Organization that helps 10 to 14 year olds children discover and unlock their potential.

Children at that age would still be growing and developing. And as kids, they would need all the help from adults around them in discovering and developing their natural talents. As such, StrengthsExplorer was developed by Gallup with Educators and Parents in mind.

Every child who takes the Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer assessment gets a report showing their top three “emerging” talents as well as ideas for how to use those talents to be energized and be at their very best.

The talents are notably termed as “emerging” as children are still evolving in the way they think, feel and behave. In other words, their talents are still evolving and hence, emerging.

The greatest pathway to success for anyone including children is not focusing on weaknesses but to help children and adults discover, understand and develop their talents into strengths.  

Helping a child understand and develop their talents is a lifelong process. As such, the Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer is an excellent tool in helping children kickstart their journey of developing strengths into their adult lives. 


There 10 StrengthsExplorer talent themes. They are as follows: –

  1.    Achieving– They are energetic, love achieving goals and have a sense of accomplishment.
  2.    Caring– People are important to them and they love helping people.
  3.    Competing– They see life as a game, loves to win and strive to be in first place.
  4.    Confidence– They take on challenges and have a strong sense of self confidence
  5.    Dependability– They keep their promise and thrive on trust and being seen as responsible.
  6.    Discoverer– They are thinkers and learners and love asking “why” and “how”.
  7.    Future Thinker– They love to dream about the future and love exploring possibilities.
  8.    Organizer– They enjoy planning, coordinating and making things happen.
  9.    Presence– They love an audience, tell stories and taking the lead.
  10.  Relating– They love friendships and widen the circle of friends for themselves and others.

Knowing the talent themes of your children prepares and reinforce you as parents and educators in affirming and encouraging your children to apply and use their talents every day.  The results are 2 folds: –

  1.    Parents and Educators that will be more self-aware and aware of how unique are their children in their talents and strengths.  It will also provide Parents and Educators with a greater sense of confidence in interacting and developing their children.
  2.    Children that knows their talents and use them would be more self-aware, independent, resilient, confident, purpose driven and determined.

So if you are keen on finding out the emerging talent themes of your children, here is where you can purchase the assessment code.

If you are interested to find out more about our upcoming StrengthsExplorer Workshop, do register your interest with us in the form below. 

Kim Pong is the CEO and Founder of StrengthsAsia, Creator of the REFRAME MasterClass and the first 20 Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches in the world.  He is based in Singapore and works with organizations in Asia in creating an engaged workplace culture for leaders, managers and executives to thrive.

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