Arranger Talent Theme: The CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Talent

The Arranger Talent Theme is one of the most efficient talent themes in the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) suite of talents.

But how can you leverage the most of your strength, if you have the Arranger Talent theme within you? How can you bring out your true potential, and work with your strengths, and downplay your weaknesses?

Understand your CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) Talent Themes over the next few weeks.  We are going to deconstruct each talent theme and give you insights into what each of these talent themes is about.

This week, we will be looking at the talent theme of Arranger. You may either have the Arranger talent theme or you know someone with the talent theme of Arranger.

Arranger Talent Theme individuals are good at organising work, but also have the flexibility to do otherwise.

As the Gallup Organization defines it, people exceptionally talented in the Arranger talent theme can organize, but they also have the flexibility that complements this ability. They like to determine how all of the prices and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.

The Power of The Arranger Talent Theme

For people with the talent theme of Arranger, the way they think, feel and behave is all about managing and juggling different variables and putting them together for maximum productivity. Different variables involves people, ideas, process, products etc. They are conductors. They are able to sort through the clutter and find the best way to get things done.

Many people often mistaken the Arranger talent theme for being inflexible because they can be seen by others as putting things in order. In actual fact, Arrangers are extremely flexible. They are fluid in nature. They can change, adjust, arrange and rearrange things in order to get the team to move forward.

Arrangers are most of the time the source of change in the team. They can also be the orchestrator of change. When change happens, they are able to either facilitate the change and create order in those changes. They are constantly looking for better ways to improve the efficiency of the team.

The Arranger Talent Theme Loves

Arranger loves freedom. They thrive best when they are given the freedom to be flexible. Having the freedom gives them the ability to create change or create their own process of getting things done.

To Arrangers Talent Theme individuals, productivity is key

Ultimately, productivity is key for Arrangers.

Most of them are great at helping things move forward. Arrangers hunger to get things done. In order for them to get things done, they need the freedom to sort, align, change and create order where they see fit.

People with the Arranger talent theme loves bring job to people to get things done. For arrangers, many of them get things done through other people. They value collaborative efforts better than singular achievements.

Most Arrangers feel that the power of the whole collective is much stronger than an individual. They have the innate ability to include others to complete certain task and projects. Arrangers are able bring the right people and put them in the right role in order to get things done.

The Arranger Talent Theme Hates

Many people with the Arranger talent theme hates being controlled. It is frustrating for them when they are not given the flexibility or the authority to make changes or move different pieces around.

In the mind of an Arranger talent theme, they would have already figured out what’s the best way to get things done or achieve a certain goal. However, if there are too many restrictions and resistance from others, many Arrangers will feel stuck and it might ultimately drain them.

Arrangers hate people who are not team players. For Arrangers, it is important to work together as a team to achieve the objective and get things done. It can be frustrating for them when people are trying to be solo contributors and they are not contributing to the team.

When they bring jobs to people, they are essentially giving people the opportunity to contribute to the team. They set their team members up for success. When each individual succeeds, the team succeeds.

Arranger’s Basement Behaviours

When people with the Arranger talent theme push their talent too hard, the experience for others can be severe and worrying.

Here are 2 negative behaviours of the Arranger talent theme:

1. Complexity in chaos

When in the basement form, Arrangers can be known to create complexity because it is attracted chaos. Arrangers look for chaos because of their ability to break down the chaos and create order in the chaos.

There are times, however, where chaos leads to complexity. Their constant need to create order might cause them to over-complicate matters.

Arranger Talent Theme individuals might even try to create chaos just so they can put things in the right order

They might even try to create chaos just so they can put things in the right order. Some people might find them hard to follow because of their frequent rearrangements.

2. My way or the highway

As mentioned earlier, the brilliance of the Arranger talent theme is their ability to figure out and create the most efficient way to get things done. The negative impact of that is that they might be insistent on getting people to do things their way.

Many people with the Arranger talent theme might find it hard to give validation to other people’s ideas and suggestions. In its basement, the Arranger talent theme will be closed off to changing things especially when they think they have figured out the most efficient way to get things done.

The Arranger Talent Theme’s Best Contributions

At its best, Arrangers are great jugglers. They have the ability to juggle and manage all different components of a project at the same time and configure the pieces in such a way that the project can move forward or the goal can be achieve.

They interact with each component so they can figure out what’s the best way to arrange them for maximum productivity.

Arranger Talent Theme individuals are not afraid to jump into things that others might see as confusing

Arrangers are not afraid to jump into things that others might see as confusing. As mentioned above, they are attracted to chaos. Within the chaos, they are able to see not only the details but also the transition and connection within those details. They use that information to manage necessary changes around them.

Arrangers can help the team to constantly remain focus on the goals and deliverables. They are great organizers. They have this ability arrange and organize such that everything can come together in unison and work seamless together.

In the mind of an Arranger, there is power in working together as a team. They make excellent team players and they are also excellent team leaders because they are not only able to be part of the change, but they can also lead and facilitate the process for change.

With that in mind, Arrangers are able to build trust and build relationship with team members such that they are able to get everyone to move forward.

StrengthsAsia has helped many individual and corporate clients all throughout the region in identifying and maximizing their talents, in driving engagement and increasing motivation in their work and life.

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Dina is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach at StrengthsAsia. She is one of the principal architect and designer of StrengthsAsia’s wildly successful Strengths Engagement Programs. She is passionate about bringing strengths to the education sector, in helping educators and student leaders discover their natural talents, passions, interests, and building ‘strong’ foundations to do what they do best every day.

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