Mark Lee

StrengthsAsia Certified Strengths Facilitator
SoundWave Accredited Coach Practitioner

Top 5 Signature Talent Themes:

SoundWave Brilliance 3:

"Every life has the potential to uniquely change the world."

This is a core belief that Mark lives and breathes. Having experience in business consultancy across a range of sectors such as entertainment, social service, healthcare, oil and gas, transport, intellectual property, and public sector, Mark’s joy is being able to keep the people as the core focus amidst the busyness of business. As a StrengthsAsia Certified Facilitator, Mark helps teams and individuals gain keen insight into their unique talents and strengths. His ability to help others synergize across seemingly disparate strengths has elevated the performance of many teams, and unlocked new growth and opportunities for them.

Mark brings such learning to life through his SoundWave expertise. As an accredited SoundWave practitioner, he knows that the best plans need to be translated into the best practice, ultimately through facilitating high-quality, high-impact conversations. Having done so across a wide range of stakeholders, he enjoys seeing teams and organizations benefit from SoundWave translating their intentions into impact.

An avid believer of how we learn best in a state of fun and flow, Mark was part of the inaugural Singapore batch of Team Forging trainers. Using game-based learning platforms, Mark creates environments of psychological safety where teams are empowered to identify and address team and organisational challenges. Life and work can be serious business, but Mark’s approach ensures that people come to the table welcome to share their views, acknowledge areas of growth, and ultimately be refocused and recharged for greater impact.

As a certified Prosci® Change Practitioner, Mark helps individuals to not just know and develop themselves for self-mastery, but to feed such growth and development back into their communities of work, play, and life overall. He has led and co-led transformation projects in both the private and public sector in Singapore, receiving consistent feedback from all levels of the organisation of his ability to produce results both on the people and project front. As a certified Process Facilitator, he counts any task or project he takes on as truly successful when he can help his stakeholders uncover more of their unique value to their people and organisations.

To Mark, it is the connections that we share that make this world come alive. A passionate advocate that such connections are made when conversations are great, connect with him more to discover more about how you can uniquely impact those around you!

Mark obtained a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Yale-National University of Singapore.