Aileen StrengthsAsia Certified

Aileen Chee

StrengthsAsia Certified Facilitator

Top 5 Signature Talent Themes:

Aileen has more than 30 years of talent management and leadership development experience predominately in MNCs, a local conglomerate and SME across varied industries, in multi-cultural business environment in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Bahrain, Denmark and the UK.

Through her career Aileen came to one realisation – business growth depends on talent within the organisation. It is important for organisations to invest in developing their talent, in good times and tough times. Tough times offer an ideal opportunity to upskill your talent and prepare them to seize new opportunities and ride the wave when the business landscape improves. She believes that employees should be given the chance to develop themselves and to realise their potential. Aileen uses coaching and mentoring to support the talent and high potentials to be clear of their career aspiration and help the organisation build a sustainable pool of successors for business key roles to drive business growth.

Aileen is a volunteer mentor aimed to prepare young adults completing their higher studies to prepare and set themselves up for success as they start their career.

Aileen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from National University of Singapore and a Masters of Arts in Education (Human Resource Development) from the George Washington University, USA. She holds 2 post-graduate diplomas in Compensation & Benefits Management (from SHRI) and Business & Big Data Analytics (from Nanyang Polytechnic).

Aileen is an amateur photographer who combines this hobby with her love for baking and cooking, capturing pictures of her own food creations or cuisine created by others. She loves to capture the architecture, sights and culture of new places around Asia Pacific and beyond to Europe when she travels for work, as well as on her leisure travels.