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Explore our corporate team building solutions where we incorporate
our tools and proprietary methodology to meet your unique team building needs.

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WE help you build effective high performing teams

When it comes to Team Building, we’ve zeroed down to 2 key areas: Collaboration and Conversations. Both of these are the foundations of what makes teams successful and function most effectively, 

At StrengthsAsia, we design insightful team experiences that are fun and interactive. Our solutions are specially crafted for organisations looking to build engaged high performing teams. 

Our corporate team building workshops integrates different tools, methodologies, and practices to help you build team synergy and enable quality conversations among team members. 



How we build collaborative interdependent teams

Build open and cohesive teams with our SoundWave one-day workshop Own Your Conversation

Participants will walk away with more self-awareness on the their own personal conversational style, and how they can target their talk for more productive outcomes.

Successful teams focus on developing potential and thrive on differences. 

Learn how you can leverage on the unique potential of your team members to build motivated and collaborative employees with CliftonStrengths®.

A fun and hands-on half-day session that uses LEGO® bricks to help create team identity and encourages team camaraderie through rich conversations. 

This is an opportunity for team members to learn more about each other on a platform where everyone is heard, creating shared understanding and connections. Definitely a hit with the crowd!

program outcomes
Team building Done right

Imagine the benefits of a stronger, closer, more effective and highly creative team. With the right approach, we can help you optimise individual performance and build collaborative team relationships for better productivity and performance. 

Our suite of programmes equip team members with actionable plans to help you build a positive company culture, as well as behaviours that make your business thrive. Here are some ways we bring the impact to you: 

We offer a mix of activities, techniques and tools to help you understand how your team ticks, appreciate your individual strengths and work together to unleash the power of your team for innovative thinking.

Our workshops are designed to equip you with skills and frameworks for improved communication, helping you build sound relationships in the workplace. In turn, your employees demonstrate better workplace satisfaction and motivation. 

We guide you towards developing trust and psychological safety in order to combat the toxic results of power struggles. This helps create a positive work culture where diverse voices are welcomed and encouraged.

Effective teamwork requires innovation. Our activities and programmes are designed to be immersive and interactive, stimulating creativity and innovation through design thinking, critical skills, and problem-solving. 

Our workshops can be useful in identifying people with hidden skillsets, such as emotional intelligence, optimism, self-confidence and more, by uncovering helpful insights that may not yet be revealed in the natural work context. By doing so, we help them hone their skills into becoming an even better team player!


We make it a point to have a conversation with you to better understand your desired outcomes. We always tailor our programs to target those specific needs so you get the most out of our sessions. 

Proprietary tools and methodology

We developed proprietary tools that are not birthed just from theories alone, but combined with over 10 years of expertise and experience in our industry. We constantly curate our methodology over the years to match the ever changing dynamics of the industry. 

Largest Industry Expert

With a platform of coaches from more than 10 countries, we consider ourselves one of the largest industry experts and have the most diverse team in Asia for your every need.



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