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Aly Mak

StrengthsAsia Certified Facilitator

Top 5 Signature Talent Themes:

Aly is a StrengthsAsia Certified Coach. Aly’s zest for people is evident when you meet her for the first time. Positivity with enthusiasm is her calling card and she just loves meeting and serving others. She has worked with many schools and organizations serving managers, executives, and students in helping them to be the
best version of themselves.

Aly believes in making things go from good to great. She thrives on this! She also loves undertaking new and different tasks every day such that no two days are alike. She is over the top inquisitive and everyone in the company knows her as “The Googler” as she practically googles everything! Honestly, we all worry for her …

She has obtained a degree in Communication with Business from Singapore University of Social Sciences.