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Building Culture

Top 5 Advantages of D&I at the Workplace

D&I (diversity and inclusion) is a recurring theme in many modern organisations. While the practice has some apparent advantages, such as employee engagement and increased

Building Culture

The Standout Traits of Leaders with High EQ

High EQ (emotional quotient) is measured by how leaders manage and interpret their emotions and those of their teams. Organisations with high EQ leaders are

eq at work

Demystifying EQ at Work

Research has shown that many types of intelligence drive organisational success. Traditionally, leaders focused on IQ (intelligence quotient) in determining the performance of staff. While

organisational intelligence
Building Culture

Organisational Intelligence and Why You Need it

Many business-related terms and strategies have sprung up over the years according to the immediate landscape and trends. VUCA, hybrid workplace, and open-plan offices, to