Empowering Leaders

Designing breakthrough
experiences for followers


"You are a leader
only if others follow."

- Tom Rath, Barry Conchie -

It is a no brainer. You are only a leader when others follow.

Leaders attract the greatest followership when they are self-aware, teachable, invest in strengths, maximize their teams, understand and meet the needs of their followers.

Every leader is distinct in their leadership. Leadership Development is key in creating this distinction.

Their unique personalities, experiences and strengths determine their leadership style, focus and effectiveness. The Gallup Organization’s research on strengths infers that the probability of finding another leader who could lead with the same strengths is 1 in 33,000,000.

Every great leader, at their core, knows they cannot be an effective and successful leader on their own. Every great leader knows they need some help.

And most great leaders have a coach. Just as every great athlete has one.

At StrengthsAsia, we coach leaders to be the best leaders they can be through our Strengths Leadership Workshop Program. Our Strengths Leadership Workshop Program is strengths based, stakeholders focused, and results driven. It is conducted through facilitated workshops and mandatory One-On-One Coaching.

Ultimately, the deliverable leadership development of the Strengths Leadership Workshop Program is to create and enable breakthrough experiences for the leaders themselves first, and then through them, for their followers.